X-ray tubes

The outstanding characteristics of our X-ray tubes are incredibly high voltage stability in a compact design. Thanks to the metal/ceramic construction they guarantee a long service life in continuous operation, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Tubes are available in different power ranges, with different focal point diameters or radiation geometries, depending on the measurement or inspection task.

Our X-ray tubes are used in the following application areas:

  • Thickness measurement
    (particularly in the steel industry)
  • Inspection of food products
  • Radiometric and radiographic testing of components
  • Sorting applications
  • and many more.

Metal-ceramic construction enables use in the harshest conditions


Extremely high voltage resistance ensures a long service life


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A small selection from our extensive product range is presented here. Many variations are offered (different focus sizes, target angles, cone beam and fan beam variants) so that you can select the tube that is best for your purposes and for your particular requirements


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MXR-75 series

MXR-100 series

MXR-160 series

MXR-225 series

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