X-RAY Detectors

All of our detectors function uniformly in accordance with the line detector principle; the object to be inspected is illuminated layer-by-layer by X-rays while it continuously passes the beam curtain. The X-ray image is produced by compiling the layer images that are created, taking the transport speed into account.

Thanks to the wide dynamic range and the efficient sensors in conjunction with on-board calibration, our XRLDs deliver high-contrast images that enable versatile inspection of your product.

Each XRLD is configured precisely for your specific measurement task. Together with you, our experts determine the configuration best suited for your application and adapt the resolution, energy range and sensor length of the XRLD. Flexible adaptation of our XRLDs enables all-round resource-protective use in many different application areas.

Flexible adaptation to your measurement task (with regard to resolution, energy, sensor length, etc.)

Easy software integration by means of C# SDK

Individual advice concerning technical and economic aspects

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