Foreign object detection

An established brand exudes safety and reliability. The products must always remain faultless. Today most manufacturers must meet these challenges. Just one incident can lastingly damage the public image. Particularly in the food industry, the possibility of any risk to the consumer must be excluded. Likewise for other industrial products, a minor, at first glance invisible quality, deficiency can result in serious failures. X-ray based inspection makes visible what under some circumstances is concealed in an apparently faultless product. Here we present two examples where this type of foreign object detection is implemented. They give you an idea of the performance capacity of our inspection systems. If these processes are also options for you, then talk to our experts. Together we will develop an optimised concept tailored to your situation.


Example: Food industry

Foreign objects can show up in food products and, to a certain extent, these may be natural characteristics of the product. Nut shells or pits, for example:

A cherry pit in a jar of jam is a classic that can almost be expected – not nice and not entirely without danger. However, a tiny rock that manages to make its way from the field into the muesli or even sharp-edged metal splinters, invisibly concealed in a frozen food product are direct health hazards. Hazards that every manufacturer of food products is well aware of.

IMS X-ray inspection systems on the production line can prevent this risk early on, whatever the product consistency. They effectively detect foreign objects to less than 0.5 mm diameter. How the inspection is integrated into the production flows depends on the particular production situation. 

The following items can be detected with particular reliability:

Depending on the product composition, the following foreign objects can also be detected:


Example: Industry

How can you avoid contamination of materials and products by foreign objects?

When manufacturing insulators or cabling, even the most minute contamination undetected during manufacture can later cause severe damage under full load. Whether air inclusions or metal abrasion from the CNC machine, the advanced and flexible image processing software from IMS can identify expected flaws based on rules, and it can also identify unforeseeable deviations from the target appearance.

The following occurrences can be detected:


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